Music Curation

Music Curation

Music curation is the art of selecting a collection of music to harmoniously blend with the energy of a space or occasion.  ACE music curation will create tailored playlists for individual clients, venues, and brands.

  • Soundtracks to match the mood and energy of your space
  • Special occasion or event music
  • Personal and individual playlists


Aaron has a talent for working with brands to establish a sound that fits their exact event, celebration, or need.  Working with brands like Bentley and Maserati, Aaron created a custom mix for Bentley that is now the featured sound for all test drives.  The custom mix made for Maserati was in celebration of 100 years of Maserati.  His CD was included in the gift bags for the grand opening of Maserati of Westlake.


Aside from working with high-end clients to deliver custom sounds, Aaron Colbert Entertainment will also cater to individuals to create the perfect playlist for your next birthday party, corporate event, holiday get together, or dinner party.  Planning your event without the stress of providing the perfect music is priceless.

For more information on music curation, or to request a mix or playlist, please contact us at .


“Curating the right sound for every occasion”.